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This is a wiki about my original comic: Dallon Universe. I will be writing chapters at least every week, and eventually make them into drawn comics, and I ask that you people out there help with articles. I also ask that anyone on this wikia may not do any major swearing or say anything that is bad for children also please no gore, The questions will currently be answered by Dorn Cobbler so just send them to my talk page (CaveJohnson) (Talk), or if you just want to chat with others, users can use the new chatroom.


Dallon Universe is a comic about aliens from a 4 leaf clover shaped planet who also love ice cream. Anyone can edit as long as it is part of Dallon Universe canon AKA the work done by CaveJohnson and his associate MermandoandmabelFAN on Deviantart.

Fan projects may be posted in blog, and are encouraged, if not somewhat unlikely.

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